Best Bedroom Design for Sleeping

If you have ever been in a room that makes you feel like you are exactly where you need to be, there is a 90% chance that there was nothing extra-ordinary about the room. In fact, it is highly likely that the room in question had a simple but well-functioning design. Creating a simple design that functions so well can be quite a task especially if it is meant for the bedroom to create a better sleeping environment.

Every bedroom needs a bed, right? Beds set the tone and beds determine just where every other object in the room will be. But at the same time, beds are big, and this is where the complexity comes in. As fun, as remodeling a bedroom or planning a new bedroom altogether, is, you can use the help of an architect. That way, you keep other elements in check while at the same time ensuring that the bedroom space is not only practical but also comfortable.

As one of the simplest rooms in a house, the bedroom is more often than not, forgotten. 

The truth is that one of the secrets to having the perfect bedroom design is the floor plan. An appropriate floor plan would make the room look great irrespective of the space available.

Hotels understand this better than anyone else hence their insistence on limiting the flow to one side of the room. This is a simple but practical floor plan for the bedroom. It can, however, be difficult to implement in en-suites and bedrooms that have patios. Appropriately and skillfully arranging furniture in the room enhances the flow of the room hence making the room feel better and more comfortable.

A comfortable bedroom is one in which there is minimal or no noise at all. This is why fabrics are important in bedrooms. Hotels also understand this and perhaps this is the reason they carpet the bedroom floors, provide pillows and even install a wall of curtains. Of course, if you have hardwood floors you could use a large or multiple area rugs. All these work to absorb sound which in turn reduces noise.

master bedroom with fabric


Thirdly, if you want to sleep well, then it’s time to reduce the light getting into your bedroom. You could use black-out curtains for this purpose. Reduced light triggers the production of melatonin from the pineal gland in the body. Also known as the “Dracula of hormones” melatonin is responsible for reducing alertness which makes it easier to sleep. Melatonin is produced when there is minimal or no light at all.

If you are among those who enjoy watching TV while tucked warmly in bed, then you better think about using the sleep timer function of the TV. TV can be quite detrimental to a good night’s sleep due to the light and sound produced. White noise makers can also be used to ensure a good night’s sleep especially for people who cannot sleep with any noise in the background. White noise generators can also be used to induce sleep in smaller children.

In conclusion, the perfect room to sleep in is one in which there is minimal light, minimal sound and an appropriate layout/floor plan. Rooms with all these are bound to make anyone feel more comfortable and more relaxed.  Below is a great listing of how to tackle this project provided by  Good night and sleep tight! infographic

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