Getting Tested For STDs

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are simply diseases that are caused mainly by sexual contact between two people. Sexually transmitted diseases include HIV/AIDS, which is the major one, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Genital Herpes, etc. The viruses that cause the infection are usually carried in body fluids meaning they can transfer through open wounds on one’s body.

With the current increase in the level of diseases all over the world, the rate at which the diseases are being transmitted is very high. One of the factors that are influencing the faster transmission of these diseases is the lack of possible education, treatment, or vaccines. The major age group affected by these diseases is the youth and they need to be aware of all the STD testing that is available.

STD TestingMost of the youths engage in activities without so much care, and this makes them vulnerable to these Sexually Transmitted Diseases. However, not only the youth is being affected but also the adults. The majority of the very young people get affected with the diseases at the time of birth.

With the high number of youth being infected by these diseases, different campaigns have been held in various places globally, advocating for the importance of being tested for STDs and not to hesitate from it.

STD testing is a significant step because it helps a person to know his or her status. Knowing your status is very vital simply because, Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be transmitted without much knowledge such as through birth, exchange of body fluids through open wounds and personal objects such as razor blades.

It is, therefore, important for one to know his or her status simply because the person might have contracted the disease without their knowledge. After an STD test, if a someone is found to have the diseases, he/she can be counseled and advised on the kind of life they should live.

Every person should not hesitate to have an STD test regularly because there are sexually transmitted diseases whose symptoms are unrecognizable, such as in the case of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Since the symptoms are uncertain, a person might be having the diseases and never know.

He or she can easily infect other people without having any idea that he or she has infected someone which also increases the number of people contracting the Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STD testing is therefore of much importance as these disease with unrecognized symptoms can be known so that the infected person can avoid infecting others. This also helps to curb the increasing number of persons who are infected with these STDs.


Another importance of having an STD test is to ensure that in diseases are detected early enough. When the disease is detected, the person will be counseled and advised on the kind of life to engage, when it is still very early. When the detection is late, especially in HIV and AIDs, the infected person might be approaching the full blown stage meaning that he or she will not live for a long period. Therefore, every person should make a duty to have an STD test conducted to detect the disease early and take advice from the specialist doctor on which kind of life to engage into so as to live for a longer period.

Concluding, people should not hesitate to have an STD testing once in a while to be able to know their statuses. Knowing your status helps you to know how to live life safely. It also contributes to reducing the rate of infection of the STDs whose symptoms are not easily recognized.  Guidance on the proper behavior helps people, who pass the test and do not have the diseases, to take preventive measures to avoid coming in contact with` any type of STDs.

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