How Do I Know If I Have An STD?

STD tests are something you need to obtain, if you regularly have sex with multiple partners.

There are many ways to get tested cheaply and anonymously – see for more information on this – so there’s really no excuse for avoiding the responsibility.

Not everyone with an STD will show symptoms. Many who never show a symptom will transfer the disease to anyone that they are sleeping with. This … Read More

Self Employed Health Insurance

If you are self-employed, you may find yourself confused about navigating the new health insurance system.

Like many people who work for themselves, you are probably wondering:

  • how to take care of your individual health insurance needs;
  • where and how to find affordable medical insurance;
  • what you should do about dental insurance;
  • what is the health insurance marketplace and how to make sense of it;
  • whether you or your family
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Posture: Do You Know How To Stand And Sit?

Caretakers provide invaluable help and assistance to their children, friends, relatives, and partners, but what happens when their work leads to back pain, compromising their ability to care?

Back pain is endemic among caretakers: a 2011 survey found that 70% of caretakers experience back and shoulder pain.

This issue seriously affects the quality of life of those who should be most valued in our society.

Children’s backs are also being … Read More

Importance of Sleep

Poor sleep is a modern phenomenon with over 50% adults failing to get enough sleep.

Did you know that for adults to remain healthy you need on average of 7 hours sleep a night? with additional hours required after long haul flights, long distance travel, illness, infection, surgery, stress and exposure to the cold.

Insomnia is classified as receiving less than 4 hours sleep for more than 3 nights per … Read More

Benefits of Sleep


Most people do not realize that their pillows are one of the reasons why they wake up with sore backs in the morning. Indeed, the wrong pillows can cause stiffness on your

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Creation embraces natural fertility through:

    • Nutritional therapy and functional testing
    • Addressing 21st Century stress factors, environmental and physical toxins
    • Integrates Eastern and Western philosophies with complementary therapies
    • Supports assisted conception procedures
    • Addresses conception timing
    • Supports pregnancy and beyond.
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    Ultrasound Therapy

    When sound waves come into contact with air it causes a dissipation of

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    Kinesiology Taping