Ultrasound Therapy

When sound waves come into contact with air it causes a dissipation of the waves, and so a special ultrasound gel is placed on the skin to ensure maximal contact between the treatment head and the surface of the skin and to provide a medium through with the sound waves can travel.

Ultrasound can also be applied under water which is also a

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Kinesiology Taping

Cranial Sacral Therapy

What does it help?

Each of us produces a different reaction to trauma, stress and loss of healing capacity, so we each present a unique combination of ailments, pains and dysfunctions. CranioSacral Therapy helps the body regain its self-healing mechanisms, so its scope is very broad.

Common problems Cranio-sacral therapy may help include:

  • Stiff joints, chronic pain
  • Low Energy
  • Head Aches / Migraines
  • Jaw issues
  • Neuralgia and some neurological issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Menstrual & Menopausal problems


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Dry Needling

Many of us have areas in our body that feel tense all the time or feel like a hard ball in the muscle. By inserting fine needles into these tight areas, we elicit a “twitch response” or a brief contraction followed by an immediate and long lasting relaxation.

Because the needle can treat very deep parts of the muscle, the technique can achieve amazing pain relief that you never thought was possible.

  • Give you lasting pain relief from head to toe
  • Eliminate tension, wherever you hold it
  • Heal overuse injuries
  • Get rid of knots
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McTimoney Chiropractic Care

Suitable for all ages including babies and the elderly, not the conventional “bone” cracking method!

Can Chiropractic Help You?

The following conditions can benefit from chiropractic care:

  • Low back pain or disc injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Nerve entrapment causing pins and needles or numbness
  • Headaches and jaw pain
  • Shoulder issue: muscle impingment, tendonitis, arthritis, frozen shoulder
  • Hip pain
  • Pelvic issues
  • Bad posture
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pains
  • Rib pain

The McTimoney Method

Developed by John McTimoney over 30 years ago, the McTimoney method is recognised as being a gentle, precise, whole body approach to chiropractic care.

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Medical health insurance — A Manual For The Total Beginner

Medical health insurance doesn’t have to be complex.

All you need to understand are the fundamental concepts behind medical health insurance plan and then compare plans, and you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

Insurance costs tend to be controlled through by how you purchase insurance coverage and how you configure the terms and limits of your plan. No insurance provider will offer you discount rates or perhaps a miracle plan that will pay for hospitalization 100%, for 5$ per month.

Within the insurance coverage marketplace, rates are increasing every year.

Nevertheless, you will find plans for this common guideline. A few service providers offer 12 months price guarantees. Price guarantee programs are generally a sensible option, given our … Read More