Importance of Adding A Good Night Sleep To Our Exercise Regimes

The mantra of “eat less, exercise more” is no longer enough for many people that want to lose weight. Many people can carry out the same diet plan and exercise regime and see very disappointing results. What could be missing from their routine is a good night sleep.

Some will see the pounds start to decrease, the muscle build and feel a lot healthier. Others will fail to make any

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Best Bedroom Design for Sleeping

If you have ever been in a room that makes you feel like you are exactly where you need to be, there is a 90% chance that there was nothing extra-ordinary about the room. In fact, it is highly likely that the room in question had a simple but well-functioning design. Creating a simple design that functions so well can be quite a task especially if it is meant for … Read More

5 Common Reasons for Poor Sleep

Most people would agree that one of the most common problems they face in their day to day lives is poor sleep, or as some may call it, bad sleep. It is this poor sleep that ends up being one of the major most ingredients in a vicious cycle that also includes depression, lack of productivity and even forgetfulness. However, solving the problems associated with poor sleep requires a … Read More

Posture: Do You Know How To Stand And Sit?

Caretakers provide invaluable help and assistance to their children, friends, relatives, and partners, but what happens when their work leads to back pain, compromising their ability to care?

Back pain is endemic among caretakers: a 2011 survey found that 70% of caretakers experience back and shoulder pain.

This issue seriously affects the quality of life of those who should be most valued in our society.

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Importance of Sleep

Poor sleep is a modern phenomenon with over 50% adults failing to get enough sleep.

Did you know that for adults to remain healthy you need on average of 7 hours sleep a night? with additional hours required after long haul flights, long distance travel, illness, infection, surgery, stress and exposure to the cold.

Insomnia is classified as receiving less than 4 hours sleep for more than 3 nights per … Read More

Benefits of Sleep


Most people do not realize that their pillows are one of the reasons why they wake up with sore backs in the morning. Indeed, the wrong pillows can cause stiffness on your

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